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"ANTI-GOVERNMENT EXTREMISTS" Kill 2 Cops ..From Traffic stop shooting to Mall shooting

"ANTI-GOVERNMENT EXTREMISTS" Kill 2 Cops ..From Traffic stop shooting to Mall shootingMUST READ……== This is the event that the FBI is using to program local Law Enforcement into thinking they are supposed to fear "we the people"; with some citizens believing in Constitutional rule of law over UCC……which is what America is now…. In 1950, in the "debt reorganization plan 25" of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION DC the IMF took over..and shortly there after UCC was implemented. IT'S ONLY HISTORY ….DON'T BE SCARED. lol You can google it all for yourself. If you're really intelligent…you can read the over 180000 "gov/fund/enterprise/dept" CAFR reports that prove the "gov" is now the majority share holder of the FORTUNE500..isn't that neat. To back "we the people"..don't get representation with all the "majority share holder" gov huh. Maybe then, when there is some GULF OIL SPILL…the White-House won't cover it up for BP ANYONE IN LAW ENFORCEMENT…don't be a tool, learn some history; and don't be a sucker……as for the 2 idiots who shot these "cops"..burn in hell *ssholes.

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January 3, 2013