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Creepy UFO Sightings Over Malibu! October 2014 Watch Now!

Creepy UFO Sightings Over Malibu! October 2014 Watch Now!Jenny And Mike Capture Strange Red Glowing UFO Over Malibu Ca 10/29/2014 More HI-Rez Photos Coming In In Regards To This Sighting! The couple claimed that the object looked very strange and … More »


UFO as big as Neptune sucked in by the Sun (Video)

An amazing UFO video, uploaded to YouTube on Oct. 28, shows a giant, unidentified flying object, as big as the planet Neptune, being sucked in and consumed by the fiery flames of the Sun. The massive object, spotted for just… More »


UFO news: California woman captures most shocking UFO images yet [Video]

UFO images posted online by Thirdphaseofmoon on Oct. 28, 2014 could be the most shocking photos documenting an unidentified flying object yet. The startling object was photographed by a woman who wants to remain anonymous. She gave them to a… More »


Obama: You Can Only Vote Once!

Obama: You Can Only Vote Once!At a Tuesday evening campaign event for Mary Burke, Democratic nominee for governor of Wisconsin, President Barack Obama encouraged voters to participate in early voting. "One week, Wisconsin…. More »


CDC Admits Ebola Can Spread Like The Flu

CDC Admits Ebola Can Spread Like The FluEbola spreads through coughing and sneezing much like influenza, which most experts agree is spread “mainly by droplets made when people with flu cough, sneeze or talk,” according to documents… More »


CDC Confirms Ebola Can Spread Like The Flu

CDC Confirms Ebola Can Spread Like The FluCDC: EBOLA SPREADS LIKE FLU La Raza Promotes Washington Post Guide On Where People Can Vote Without An ID … More »


Are Crisis Actors Being Used In Ebola Scare? Special Report

Are Crisis Actors Being Used In Ebola Scare? Special ReportDr. Edward Group and Anthony Gucciardi discuss the threat of an ebola outbreak, and the methods to combat disease. Follow Alex on TWITTER –… More »


Robots Are Taking Over Human Jobs

Robots Are Taking Over Human JobsLowe's is testing whether new bots on wheels can improve its customer service, like helping a shopper find a match for something as simple as a nail. Four robots are being tested at an Orchard… More »

Climate Change and Environment

Republican politicians aren’t climate scientists or responsible leaders

Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is hoping to become the Senate Majority Leader after the forthcoming election on November 4th, although despite hailing from conservative Kentucky, McConnell is in a very tight race. The Cincinnati Enquirer editorial board recently had a long discussion with McConnell and tried to pin him down on the subject […]
Climate Change and Environment

2014 SkS Weekly News Roundup #44A

A chronicler of warnings deniedArctic Ice Melt Seen Doubling Risk of Harsh Winter in EUBuilding for the next big stormCarbon trading edges closer as UN brokers dealFive things to know about 2014 global temperaturesGreat Barrier Reef protection plan ‘ignores the threat of climate change’Maybe you can change people’s minds about climate change after allNew study […]