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Loch Ness catfish? True identity of the Loch Ness monster revealed

The Loch Ness catfish doesn't have the same cachet as the Loch Ness monster, but a longtime watcher of the creature has come forward to say that the mythical monster is nothing more than a great big fish… More »


Wife prepared to die in desert until hubby ‘sent angels’ to save her

A wife prepared to die in the desert until her recently deceased husband sent angels to save her. Perhaps proving the power of faith, a brave woman survived weeks in the desert with limited food and water after her devoted… More »


Michael Jackson cloud moonwalks across Virginia sky during thunderstorm

A Michael Jackson cloud moonwalked across the stormy Virginia skies during a thunderstorm earlier this week, just in time for the sixth anniversary of his death. The King of Pop died on June 25, 2009. Nearly six years to… More »

Government Conspiracies & The New World Order


This site, as everyone knows by now, has been under constant attack for the past few months.  PLEASE HELP!!!PLEASE HELP KEEP THE CAMELOT WEBSITE ONLINE!  Funds needed to pay for site upgrade and move to increase security!  Project Camelot has been under CONSTANT ATTACK that ha exploited the poor construction and overloaded database.  Your help […] More »

Government Conspiracies & The New World Order


Anatomy of a PsyopWe are glad to know there was no EMP in Texas (so far) and want to thank the two whistleblowers, Dale Lewis and White Rabbit for sharing their concerns as a result of the interaction with the soldier in Texas.On a personal level, I communicated with them prior to Monday that I […] More »


Possible EMP Over Texas??

Someone found the following post on their page this morning on Facebook.  I have no way of knowing whether there is any truth to it but feel it is best to put it out there.  If you have heard anything about this, let me know: More »

Government Conspiracies & The New World Order

My Comment on "Flat Earth"

In my view the flat earth people are simply seeing things in a hyper dimensional (collapsing the wave) mode.  They are seeing a Planet plane-net from the point of view that reduces everything out of the hologram view into a sort of continuum of unlimited horizons viewed condensed, as in, down to the thought of […] More »

Government Conspiracies & The New World Order

Ole Dammegard Speaking June 6-7 in AMSTERDAM

I am posting the following written by Ole Dammegard:Please spread this asap, so it will backfire in the face of the dark forces trying to stop the Truth.The Open Mind Conference in Holland, June 6-7, is organised by ex KLM captain and TCP gas whisteblower Willem Felderhof. www.openmindconference.nlFinally we have a real truth conference here […] More »

Climate Change and Environment

Denial101x MOOC – Full list of videos and references at your fingertips

The ‘Denial101x – Making Sense of Climate Science Denial’ MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) is now available as a self-paced course that anyone can take at any time.  The course was produced by the all-volunteer Skeptical Science team and the University of Queensland, and hosted on the edX-platform.  The lectures and expert interviews provide a […]

2015 SkS Weekly Digest #35

SkS Highlights… Toon of the Week… Quote of the Week… Poster of the Week… Coming Soon on SkS… SkS Week in Review… and 97 Hours of ConsensusSkS Highlights Tracking the 2C Limit – July 2015, the first of a monthly series, by Rob Honeycutt garnered the most comments of the articles posted on SkS during the past […]